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Disney Options Rights to The Paper Magician: What Does That Mean?

The Paper Magician CoverIf you’ve been sniffing around the internet (or following Charlie on Twitter or Facebook), you may have seen the news: Disney optioned the movie rights to The Paper Magician! You can get all the details about the producer assigned to the project, etc., here. This is super exciting!

You might be eagerly awaiting a film release date … but you’re getting a bit ahead of things. “Optioning” doesn’t mean “buying rights to and producing a film right away to release in theaters ASAP!” When a studio options a film, it buys the exclusive right to start thinking about and developing a film—that means working on scripting, researching possible budgets, thinking about casting, etc. Sometimes the option will expire (then the studio can re-option the rights or another studio can jump in) or the studio will decide not to move forward with the project. But the result of optioning can take years, and the result may not always be a movie.

If the studio does decide to actually produce a movie, the movie will be “greenlit.” At that point it will probably have a rough timeline for production and release. So keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll keep you posted here!

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