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Cover Reveal for The Fifth Doll

47North has released the cover for The Fifth Doll, Charlie’s sixth published novel. The book releases July 25! You can pre-order the novel from Amazon.

Matrona lives in an isolated village, where her life is centered on pleasing her parents. She’s diligent in her chores and has agreed to marry a man of their choosing. But a visit to Slava, the local tradesman, threatens to upend her entire life.

Entering his empty house, Matrona discovers a strange collection of painted nesting dolls—one for every villager. Fascinated, she can’t resist the urge to open the doll with her father’s face. But when her father begins acting strangely, she realizes Slava’s dolls are much more than they seem.

When he learns what she’s done, Slava seizes the opportunity to give Matrona stewardship over the dolls—whether she wants it or not. Forced to open one of her own dolls every three days, she falls deeper into the grim power of Slava’s creations. But nothing can prepare her for the profound secret hiding inside the fifth doll.

“The Autopsy of Publishing” at the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance Writing Workshop

Learn about all the gory, squishy bits of a publishing career from Charlie and her writerly friend Caitlyn McFarland at the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance Writing Workshop on September 9. Here’s the course description:

Authors Caitlyn McFarland and Charlie N. Holmberg take the body of publishing and rip it open for all your eyes to see. Want a healthy dose of the truth behind publishing? Come get a behind-the-scenes look at the journey. This class covers the whole shebang, from writing a story, to querying, to finding an agent, to conquering edits, to debuting, and beyond. It also covers social media conduct and the reality of publishing as a full-time career. Quotes included at no extra cost.

The Fifth Doll Available for Pre-order

The Fifth Doll (formerly Keeper of the Dolls) will release August 15, 2017, and you can pre-order it here!

After discovering a room full of matryoshka dolls wearing the faces of her village, a woman learns she may be trapped inside one—but unraveling the sorcery carved into each doll unleashes dark consequences that rip her from the only home she remembers.

Keeper of the Dolls Sold to 47North

A new standalone Holmberg novel, tentatively titled Keeper of the Dolls,  has been sold to 47North and is currently set for a 2017 release!

After discovering a room full of matryoshka dolls wearing the faces of her village, a woman learns she may be trapped inside one—but unraveling the sorcery carved into each doll unleashes dark consequences that rip her from the only home she remembers.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet Released

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet has released and is available for purchase wherever such books are sold! (If in doubt, go here.)

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet cover

Maire is a baker with an extraordinary gift: she can infuse her treats with emotions and abilities, which are then passed on to those who eat them. She doesn’t know why she can do this and remembers nothing of who she is or where she came from.

When marauders raid her town, Maire is captured and sold to the eccentric Allemas, who enslaves her and demands that she produce sinister confections, including a witch’s gingerbread cottage, a living cookie boy, and size-altering cakes.

During her captivity, Maire is visited by Fyel, a ghostly being who is reluctant to reveal his connection to her. The more often they meet, the more her memories return, and she begins to piece together who and what she really is—as well as past mistakes that yield cosmic consequences.

An Interview with Charlie on Fox 13’s The Place

The Paper Magician CoverToday Charlie appears on Fox 13’s “The Place” to follow up with them after The Paper Magician was their book club pick. She talks inspiration for The Paper Magician, flattering comparisons, and the Disney deal, ending it all with a preview of Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet (which comes out next month!).

You can see the whole interview here:

Charlie Goes to Storymakers

This past weekend, Charlie attended LDStorymakers 2016, a writing conference in Provo, Utah (it’s also the home of the Whitney Awards gala—Followed by Frost was nominated for a Whitney this year).

Charlie spent the weekend glamorously teaching about magic systems …

Charlie presents at Storymakers 2016.

Charlie is introduced before her class. (Photo by Evelyn Hornbarger)

talking agent-author relationships with her agent (Marlene Stringer) and her agency sisters (who are plentiful and fabulous) …

Charlie; her agent, Marlene Stringer; and her agency sisters.

Left to right: Bethany Wiggins, Charlie N. Holmberg, Caitlin McFarland, Marlene Stringer, Emily Bleeker, & Emily R. King discuss how agents and authors work together

and rocking her baby belly at the Whitney Awards gala.

Six women of publishing at a grand gala.

Left to right: Marelene Stringer, Charlie N. Holmberg, Caitlin McFarland, Emily Bleeker, Emily R. King, & Mikki Kells at the Whitney Awards gala.

She also loved (but got no pictures of) meeting fans throughout the conference and at the signing.

Disney Options Rights to The Paper Magician: What Does That Mean?

The Paper Magician CoverIf you’ve been sniffing around the internet (or following Charlie on Twitter or Facebook), you may have seen the news: Disney optioned the movie rights to The Paper Magician! You can get all the details about the producer assigned to the project, etc., here. This is super exciting!

You might be eagerly awaiting a film release date … but you’re getting a bit ahead of things. “Optioning” doesn’t mean “buying rights to and producing a film right away to release in theaters ASAP!” When a studio options a film, it buys the exclusive right to start thinking about and developing a film—that means working on scripting, researching possible budgets, thinking about casting, etc. Sometimes the option will expire (then the studio can re-option the rights or another studio can jump in) or the studio will decide not to move forward with the project. But the result of optioning can take years, and the result may not always be a movie.

If the studio does decide to actually produce a movie, the movie will be “greenlit.” At that point it will probably have a rough timeline for production and release. So keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll keep you posted here!

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