Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be another book in the TPM series?

Yes! The Plastics Magician will be coming in 2018. It’s a spin-off standalone that follows an American girl on her journey to becoming a plastics magician. You can learn more about the novel here.

Do you have any say whatsoever over the Disney movie?

Unfortunately, I do not. Disney has the rights to The Paper Magician trilogy and they have full discretion over how a movie is made, if a movie is made.

Where’s the best place to buy your books?

Honestly? Amazon, because Amazon is my publisher! The best deals will be found there.

Can I buy a signed book from you?

At this point in time, I do not have my own store. However, if you’d like a book signed, I’m more than happy to oblige if the book is mailed to me with a SASE. You can send books here:

PO Box 1549
Riverton, UT 84096

For a quicker response, send a quick email to charlienholmberg (at) to notify me that a book is on its way!

Can I have a free book for my library/book blog/self/other creative endeavors/etc.?

Short answer? Probably not. Long answer? I do a lot of giveaways (more than most authors) on my social media—Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I recommend tuning into those and trying your luck there. As for why this is a soft “no,” I highly recommend reading Emily R. King’s brief article on “free” art here.

Will you blurb a book for me?

Possibly. I’m limited to how many books I can blurb a year. Any requests for blurbs need to go through my agent, Marlene Stringer, who can be contacted here. 

Can you introduce me to your agent?

If the three of us are ever all chatting in the same physical location, sure. 😉 Otherwise, you’re welcome to introduce yourself! You can contact Marlene here.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Daily word counts create books. Finish your books. For everything else, see my page for aspiring writers.

What advice do you have for indie authors?

This is a trick question. I am published through Amazon’s traditional publisher for science fiction and fantasy, 47North. I’ve never self-published a novel, so I have little advice for those choosing to go the indie route.